An innovative
water-saving system
from Austria

Luxury showering despite
water saving

Whether you want to start the day with an invigorating shower or relieve the tension after a long day at work, the ECOTURBINO® has been developed to provide you with a unique showering experience. The water-saving system reduces your water consumption by 36% without affecting the accustomed water pressure.
A uniquely recuperative experience for body and wallet.

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The advantages of the ECOTURBINO


36% less water


Superb showering pleasure


Increased hygiene (freely movable shower head)


Rapidly pays for itself


Extremely easy to install


Certified by TÜV-Austria


36% less water

The Ecoturbino reduces both water consumption and energy consumption.
Not only does this protect the climate, the Ecoturbino also ensures that you have more money left over – year after year.

9.900 l - water 400 kWh
130 kg CO2 - Euro 66,00 saving
(average saving per person per year)

Superb showering pleasure

The Ecoturbino is an Austrian invention which significantly reduces water consumption by adding air. As a result, there is no loss of comfort.

Increased hygiene

Due to the principle of increased pressure, the Ecoturbino not only saves hot water, it also cleans the shower hose at the same time. Practical side-effect: less limescale.

Extremely easy to install

No tools are needed to install the Ecoturbino.
An existing shower can be upgraded to a high-quality economy shower in a matter of minutes.

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Certified by TÜV-Austria

The TÜV [Technical Inspection Agency] has tested and confirmed the Ecoturbino’s energy efficiency. The 36% saving are counted as measure in accordance with the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act.

Rapidly pays for itself

The Ecoturbino pays for itself within just a few months.
Use our calculator to find out exactly when

About us

The ECOTURBINO® is a patented Austrian invention, certified by TÜV-Austria in terms of performance. Every one of our products incorporates high quality requirements for each process step, careful design and planning, and our innovative thinking. We ensure comfortable temperatures, hot water, fresh air and lots of convenience on a daily basis. Our highest values, which are saving energy and operating costs while using our resources carefully, are always a top priority.


Many people are already using the ECOTURBINO® and saving hard cash while enjoying the full convenience of showering in comfort.

* countless private households * Hotel Panoramahaus, Dornbirn * Hotel Sacher, Vienna* Hotel Berghof, Stubaital * The Opernring Hotel, Vienna* Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna* Hotel Sonneck, Rohrmoos * Hotel am Stephansplatz, Vienna*
and many more